Memory Constellations

Moments of your life, encoded on a piece of thread..

Body Craft class @ CIID IDP 2015


Where and when:

CIID IDP 2015: Body Craft
taught Amanda Parkes

Project team:

Akshay Verma
Sergey Komardenkov

My contribution went to:

concept design
physical prototype
video editing


We imagined the future where technology and various kinds of media slowly take over our free time and detach us from our social world. People would seldom communicate face to face, reflect less on their feelings and emotions, and become full-time consumers of experiences as opposed to creators.

Memory Constellations are created to help reduce one's social detachment and lack of self-reflection in a bright and tangible way. It is a wearable device, elegantly integrated into clothing as an active part of the design. The device tracks your mood via in-built sensors, translates its readings into color, and creates a physical object that represents your emotional progression throughout the day. You could choose between various time intervals that it would run for - from single days to multiple months. But whatever interval you choose, the device would still allow you to have instant visual access to the colored artifact as it is being created. This way, you could reflect on your experiences right after they happen, or do that any time later as well. You can keep the resulting artifact for your memory, or detach the artifact from the clothing and pass it to someone else to share your emotional experiences that way.

The world Constellations comes into play when we look at another use of the created physical artifact. We want to connect people together through physically linking emotions they felt over the same time interval. This could be done by creating a dome-like art piece made out of colored threads that the device creates. This would allow people to reflect on emotions of others and, possibly, associate emerging color patterns with big events that were happening in the world at that time.