UX Research project for agricultural services

Providing foundational UX research on accessing and using crop protection products and services in large-scale agriculture.

This project was done for the Russian division of Syngenta, one of the top sellers of crop protection products in the country.


Project while working at Lab Wonderfull product design cosultancy. 2018-2019.

My Role:

  • Lead UX Researcher
  • Project Manager

UX Research instruments:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Semi-structured interviews with farmers and agronomists
  • Contextual inquiry - visiting farms across three regions of Russia
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Card sorting
  • UX workshops with users and stakeholders

Volume of UX Research work:


semi-structured interviews with farmers were done by me, and 25 more by my colleagues in the project.


regions of Russia visited, including dozens of farm visits end contextual inquiries.


UX workshops were co-designed and co-facilitated by me and each had around 40 participants.


months is the total length of the project, from the first interaction with Syngenta to the final internal workshop with them to generate ideas based on UX research findings.

The role of UX research:

UX research was the key and major component of this project, providing for an extensive evaluation of current scenarios in crop protection applications from the standpoint of farmers and their staff. Throughout 40+ interviews with users, dozens of farm visits, and 3 full-day UX workshops we collected invaluable insights about challenges that farmers face when choosing, purchasing, receiving, and applying crop protection products from Syngenta and their competitors. This allowed the project team to host two separate workshops with Syngenta to generate new strategies and ideas for the marketing and distribution of crop protection products.

Outcomes of the project:

Through uncovering and sharing with Syngenta true needs and key scenarios of farmers when dealing with crop protection, we provided for a major shift in their understanding of their role and relationships with farmers. We learned later that this led to a major restructuring of their marketing efforts and service processes.

We were also told that we exceeded Syngenta’s expectations of what can be done with qualitative research, as initially we were met with skepticism from most of the Syngenta executives as they never applied qualitative practices before. We are happy to have provided them with new learnings and to have changed their mind about the benefits of qualitative research methodology.

Out in the fields, during our trips to Russian farms.
Photo credit: Evgeniya Palevskaya (Instagram).
During workshops with farmers, distributors, and Syngenta representatives. Team work, card sorting, brainstorming, co-creating solutions.
During the final workshop with Syngenta, when we used UX research findings to design new service strategies.